Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 44, Bedford PA

BEST: Six mile downhill towards the end of the ride with grades of 9%. Speeds in excess of 45 mph, and no required braking.

WORST: Getting to the top of the downhill.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Actually enjoying the days ride rather than suffering through it.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man wiped out. I am sure that is how the quote goes. Another soggy tent take down, but the good news is that the sogginess came from dew and not the dam breaking above us. The ride started back on the bike trail of crushed limestone rock, and several riders in front of me missed the original turn. I went looking for them, but couldn't fine them, so onto the trail I went. Supposedly at mile 15 we were supposed to get on a new trail, but there was a detour around a closed railroad tunnel which added 1.5 miles. So at mile 16.5 I still had not found the new trail, and continued to mile 18 and figured I must have missed it. I turned around and went back about 2 miles when the first lost group caught up with me, and we figured out the cue sheet was just wrong. I got an extra 3.5 bonus miles.

Once we got off the bike trail, it was over hill, over dale, up and down the hills of PA. There was no rain, but plenty of warning thunder letting us know we better keep moving. Some of the group did visit the flight 93 memorial, but I kept going to avoid potential rain which I caught at the very end of the ride, just in time to set up my tent and have it stop. We had store bought half chickens for dinner with fresh corn of which I had two ears, it was that good. I trust it was for human consumption and not livestock. We are in another campground with no shade trees, but the temperature right now is very pleasant although somewhat humid. Nothing real exciting today, no broken bones or bikes. Lots of pretty scenery and for those of you looking for a new mailbox, I have included the old trusty tractor box picture. Tomorrow is the big ride, and I may not be able to blog tomorrow because when I arrive in Gettysburg I will be greeted by my family. As I mentioned in my preliminary blogs, my philosophy is family first, fun second, and everything else follows. This blog is not one of the first two, so although I may miss a couple of days in Gettysburg, be assured that I will catch up. My daughters may be escaping with some of the Big Riders who want to take them out; I hope they survive. (I am not sure if I mean my daughters, or the Big Riders)

There is a picture of a Big Rider changing a tire with much supervision, a view from the top of the big descent, a picture of the Rider wine pouch at the top of the pass, and attempts to show how steep the hills are in this state. They just don't believe in 2% or 4% climbs.


  1. Rob,

    I am absolutely in awe of what you have accomplished. Truly inspiring. I agree with your priority philosophy. Say hi to the family and enjoy the reunion. I look forward to hearing more of your stories when you get back to the west coast.
    Jim Summers

  2. Also,

    I have some of that Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale waiting for you when you get back. I look forward to trying it with you.

    Jim Summers