Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 39 bonus post

This is your quiz for today. Which saddle in the picture below best fits the bottom shown. Is it A. the white saddlel, B. the black saddle, C. both saddles, D. neither saddle.

The answer is;

If you answered A. you would no longer be sitting down and would be enjoying your later years sitting in an inner tube. C. is therfore also wrong. D. was correct for a period of time necessitating major surgery to remove me from my bike. However, I am happy to report that B. is the correct answer. You have won!


  1. Hi Robacrossamerica! I am a roundabout acquaintance of Big Rider Larissa. Just wanted to let you know your gut- (and butt-) busting blog is read far and wide (or at least as far as STL) and I for one have devoured each and every word and photo. I would love to do the Big Ride next year but for now I cycle vicariously through your hilarious missives. Good stuff! Can't wait for tomorrow's entry.

    Julie Olsen
    Saint Louis

  2. It i a pretty cute butt! The new seat looks much more comfortable than the old one! Glad all is comfy now.