Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 36, Kendelville, Indiana

BEST: Solo breakaway from the group was a good time. The peloton was unsuccessful in catching me.

WORST: We had three riders crash individually at a railroad crossing.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Stopping at a check in point, meeting the owner of the property, and using his hoe to get mud out of my cleats.

I am outside wifi and 3g range, so pictures will have to be uploaded tomorrow.

Today was a 110 mile ride with very favorable conditions, e.g. flat and a tailwind. The first 20 miles included some showers and light rain, and the back of my jersey looks like a bike ran over me. From mile 20 to the lunch stop at 46, I led a group of 4 other riders and felt pretty good. I left the lunch stop without anyone, and had a great time of traveling by myself in front of the entire group. It was not necessarily better than riding with a group, but different, and I enjoyed the experience of being able to stop and take pictures when I wanted, talked to people, and cruised along as if I were crossing the country by myself.

We did travel through Amish country again and I saw numerous horse buggies, and their exhaust on the road. I did not take pictures of the exhaust because that is just plain gross. I chatted with a family (picture) who could have been anywhere in the U.S. where the dad was swinging his girl, the new puppy was running around, and wife was pregnant. I stopped for ice cream and a hot dog about 3 miles from our campground on the lake, and then rolled into camp. It is hot currently, around 91 degrees and sticky, and I previously jumped in the lake with my bike shorts on, then took a shower. Bike shorts do not look very good when they are wet; it looks like a full Depends.

One of the things I never get tired of doing, and I hope I haven't already blogged about it, is yelling at cows and having them all turn towards you. I continue to do this with the bovines, but the horses are like cats and really don't care if you talk to them.

I played roshambo with My youngest daughter Megan via cards she sent me, and I continue to lose. I think she is cheating.

Dinner tonight was from the local Chamber, and it was very nice of them to do it. The food consisted of hot dogs, pulled pork, salad, bags of chips, and cookies which were either chocolate creams, or vanilla creams (think oreos). I am currently hearing the horn from a train, somethings never change.

We did see some longhorns, and I will include pictures on this blog when I can get it to work.

My bike is making bad sounds again, so I worked on it at camp and hopefully nothing falls off tomorrow as we head to Napoleon, Ohio. We did lose another hour today, so we are now on Eastern time. So much for relaxing today. Hopefully tomorrow with a shorter ride distance, and no more time zones without falling into the Atlantic Ocean will give me more time for chilling out.

The old wood house dates from 1830.I also took a picture of a future Big Rider from the Amish community.


  1. I really love the swing picture. That could be any where in the world, almost!

  2. So glad you skipped the picture of exhaust from horse drawn buggies. I love the one of the Amish future Big Rider :)