Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 38, Sandusky

BEST: Rolling into Sandusky alive and in one piece.

WORST: We had another rider fall down and broke her helmet, but she is okay.

MOST UNEXPECTED: I put my helmet down at the rest stop while I ate. When I put it back on, I had ants running off the helmet onto my glasses, face, and down my neck.

Another flat ride, this time of 88 miles. The weather was very pleasant, mild temperature for most of the ride, and a mild headwind. We burned through the miles and somehow here we are in Sandusky.

I can tell what direction we are headed, because when we first start, there is this big orange light right in my face which tells me I am going East.

The exciting part of the bike ride was traveling back to Fremont. Who knew I would be able to get home without flying. Coincidently, the sign also said Cleveland street which is the home town for the other rider in the picture.

My photo assignment was to take a picture of a dog who looked like its owner. Most of the dogs I see while riding are charging at me barking, and the owners are nowhere to be seen. Today I had a dog barking at me from about three feet away, and I couldn't tell where it was. I looked way down and saw some kind of terrier about six inches high with a bark that was bigger than its size. The owner actually looked like the dog because they both had faces. This is the only dog I could find in the KOA we are staying. The accommodations are air conditioned cabins which is AOK with me. Hey, that is an anagram of KOA.

We did not get lost today, which was a pleasant surprise, and I did not get in trouble which was another. The worst surprise is that we did not get ice cream coming into the campground, so I bought a magnum ice cream bar, and will have to make it up at dinner.

Once again the scenery was the same as always, but the houses in Fremont did look different than home.

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