Thursday, July 19, 2012

DAY 32, 2/3 of the ride completed without riding the bike.

BEST: Bloody Mary at lunch at State Street Brats

WORST: Walking too much

MOST UNEXPECTED: Finding a bike jacket in the bag from REI that we did not purchase. I will be returning it to REI in Fremont.

Waking up at 6:30 and going to breakfast at 7:30 was luxurious. We ate at the cafeteria and it was all you can eat. After breakfast it was on to see the Capitol building via State street which is the typical street outside of a campus with clothing shops, food stands and restaurants, bagels, etc. At the capitol we waited until 9 to get to the roof to see the City, and then walked back along the lake to the dorm. I replaced the chain on my bike today, but didn't need to clean the bike although others did (see picture). I walked through the campus, although probably less than 10 %, it is really huge and resembles a cancer growth in the body of Madison with parts all over the City. I then accompanied another rider to REI to have his bike worked on, and we bought some products although when we got back and opened the bag, there was a nice XL womens bike jacket that got put in it with the security tag still on it. I chilled out for about 15 minutes before a group of us went back down State Street for lunch at 1:30 at State Street Brats. The special was the cheesburger with fries (Wisconsin cheese of course) and I had a bloody mary because, well just because I could. Back to the campus for pictures of their most famous hall with a statue of Abe Lincoln in front. I know you are yawning at this tale as I am yawning while I write this.

I did receive an e-mail from Megan Myer, one of the lovely Meyer Ladies who wanted to make sure that I knew that she had read my blog and the other 8 bloggers on this trip. She didn't say I was her favorite blogger, but I know that must be the case. I mean, what can beat this writing for sheer enjoyment. (Megan, please don't write me back and tell me I am not your favorite, I couldn't take the rejection. I really enjoyed meeting you and your sisters and it remains one of my most cherished memories of this trip. Did I win another bracelet?)

The rest of my day will be filled with taking a shower, and going back for more ice cream. I am not sure if I will eat a real dinner, but I am definitely doing the dessert thing.

The temperature is actually pleasant today after the gully washer yesterday, and I have high hopes the ride tomorrow will have reasonable weather.

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  1. Hey Rob, Just to let you know, I read your blog too! (well, especially since you publicly called me(us) out about it!! I have just one complaint, you don't seem to have much of a sense of humor and I think your writing could benefit from more sarcasm. ;) You most certainly won another bracelet, if you email us your address we will even send one for your Kate(Caitlin) and Megan and your sweet wife Beth, if you wish!!

    Kate :D MNfans4BigRide(at)gmail(dot)com