Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 41, East Fairfield, somewhere in Ohio

BEST: An elderly lady stopped to help three befuddled riders figure out where to turn. (I was befuddled rider 2)

WORST: My wet tent from last nights rain was set up in the sun at this campsite to dry off only to have it rain (downpour) 30 minutes later. Wet tent again. On the positive side the inside is dry.

MOST UNEXPECTED: I realized when I was sitting on the pot that I was wearing my bike helmet. I have been on this ride too long.

I realized I hadn't talked about my dinner last night which was at Jekyl's overlooking the falls. The best part was that the rider's friend ended up paying for it so I ordered the surf and turf. Actually I ordered the double pork chop which ended up being a quadruple pork chop. To show you how much food it was, I had to skip ice cream after the meal.

It rained (poured) last night complete with thunder and lightening which meant we had to pack up wet tents.

We took off on our short 62 mile ride with rolling hills and mostly on country roads with houses along the sides. The weather was threatening the whole ride, but it didn't start raining until we got to the campground. I set up my wet tent to dry off, and it lasted 30 minutes before it started pouring again. We all held up in a pavilion for shelter. I did get a shower between showers. (I just liked that sentence.)

As I mentioned above, somewhere in the ride, three of us got a little turned around until a nice elderly lady made a u-turn and asked us if we were lost.

I will have to finish this blog tomorrow with pictures because the site we are camping does not seem to have 3G services and I am barely able to load this much.

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  1. The visual from your worst is much too vivid but certainly FUNNY! It is time to come home. See you on Wednesday. I love you more than you love me:)