Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 39, Sandusky rest? day real post.

BEST: The ride at Cedar point that actually worked, and we got on as VIP's. It went to 120 mph as my brains oozed out my nose.

WORST: The rides that didn't work. Two of the pictures below of the wooden roller coaster and the steep rise of the metal coaster were take from the line just before they shut down.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Getting in free to Cedar Point amusement park as part of the biking group.

Last night we went into downtown? Sandusky and had dinner on the edge of Lake Erie. I had a great lakes pilsner beer while we waited for a table outside, and after sitting down the waiter recommended my dinner which was the Pinnacle sandwich. Basically shaved bits of sirloin with cheese and dipping sauce. I think we call this a French Dip, but Pinnacle sandwich sounds better. Because today was a rest day, I felt bold enough to order a second Great Lakes Beer.

After dinner, we walked to an ice cream parlor (Joes Sundae) and had dessert. I am still looking for Maple Walnut ice cream, but settled for a Butter Pecan ice cream Sundae for $2.65 (2 1/2 scoops of ice cream in this small size.). We took a shuttle back to the KOA which cost $3 per person but somehow was $2 going downtown. We did stop for more beer which was consumed back at the KOA, but not by your girly blogger who went to bed at 11:00.

I biked across the street for breakfast this morning to Jack's deli and had aa three egg omelet to get me started, and when I got back to the KOA at 9:50, I learned we were going to head to Cedar Point Amusement Park where we were going to get in for free as long as they took out picture with bikes. I changed my plans of going to the movies for a free day and quickly put on my swimming trunks, got my camera and got the second shuttle to the Park. We all caught up, got our picture taken at about 300 different spots outside the park before we finally got our passes to go into the park, followed our guide to the Dragster ride, and went to the front of the line and loaded up. As I mentioned earlier, the ride blasted out at 120 miles an hour, straight up a twisty track, straight down a twisty track, and deposited our broken down bodies back at the start. Great I thought, I am going to so nail these park rides.

Next ride was the wooden roller coaster that we waited for about a half hour before a drop of rain hit some magical sensor that shut down the ride. Next ride we waited for an hour and 15 minutes to get our senses scrambled, then up to the big roller coaster, winner of the best of all time as voted on by the CEO of Cedar Point. Waited for 45 minutes, then got into the final approach which was 15 minutes of standing in the blazing sun with 200% humidity because it did actually sprinkle at one point, and the ride failed. The word was that the mechanics were called, it would take at least 30 minutes to get there, and then who know if it would be fixed. Meanwhile, I was a puddle of sweat, so I and about 400 other puddles got out of line. At this point, I called it quits, and with four other riders we road back to the KOA where I jumped in the pool raising the salinity levels by 25%, and recovered with a Magnum ice cream bar and a Dr. Pepper.

The majority of the riders went to the water slide portion of the park, which makes me look like a larger doofus than I thought I was. They are still there enjoying the good life as I write this at 5:00, and all I can say is that I hope they are all sunburned as red as lobsters so I don't feel so bad on my experience. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad experience, even bad experiences are fun to talk about so they become good sources of future stories.

Note that the picture of the beer is for future reference because I really liked it even though it wasn't mine. I will have to try to find it if I survive the final week of this trip.


  1. French dip is forever to be known as a pinnacle! Scoop those brains out of your nose and pour them back in. I need a 100% Rob back next week. I cannot believe the 120mph. Terrifying to say the least.

  2. WOW.. now thats a roller coaster! Im sure you have to be at least 42" to get on that ride....


    Figures someone was crazy enough to film the ride....

  4. have to be honest...dont think i could do that one... even if i had VIP/rock star status