Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 18, Bringing Coal to Newcastle

BEST: Realizing we left a rider behind when we all took off, and going back to help shepherd them along.

WORST: Can you say HEADWIND?

MOST UNEXPECTED: Seeing the greatest slogan for a town on a water tank as we approached the town. (See Picture below)

The wind was already blowing hard when we woke up and ate breakfast. The 76 mile ride was really hard with a constant HEADWIND of 20 to 30 mph. If you notice the photograph of the windsock below, you will get an idea of what we faced. The top rider average speed was 12 mph, and I averaged 11.1 in the middle of the pack. A couple of riders did get sagged today for various reasons. I sure thought about it along with cursing the wind, and considering tossing my bike to see how far it could fly.

We are staying at the Senior Center in Newcastle and I am set up in a conference room with my super mattress pad and sheets. The warm sleeping bag has already been shipped back home along with the hammock.

In a reference back to an earlier post from Avon, nobody won a kewpie doll for correctly identifying the wooden structure which was a beaver slide used for hay baling. Each one is hand made. I just threw this in because this post is so short. Today was basically fight the wind and then collapse. That is all.

Other pictures below show what happens when you eat too many donut holes, and a cool cafe with various cattle brands shown on the wall. (old time graffiti used on cows)


  1. I am exhausted and hot just thinking about what a tough day it must have been. Let's hope the worst is behind you!

  2. I'm starting to pack my bags now because who would want to live anywhere but the Best Town on Earth?

    And I failed at winning the kewpie doll for two reasons: 1) I forgot to post an answer. 2) I was going to say Giant Loom.

  3. Jeremy & Michelle BoyceJuly 5, 2012 at 9:53 PM

    Love the cattle brand graffiti! This is a great post on an adventure of a lifetime. Makes me want to get out and walk around the block or something... very inspirational.

  4. The flying locomotive on the side of your branded building is pretty cool too...