Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 29, Last day in Minnesota, Winona

BEST: Finally a change in the terrain as something new has been added to the horizon called hills.

WORST: The chain I installed yesterday for a rider got destroyed and destroyed the riders derailleur. Very coincidental but I am pretty certain something got thrown up by the front wheel onto the chain as it was revolving and got jammed into the derailleur.

MOST UNEXPECTED: While I expected warm weather in the 90's, it was over 102 when we got to Winona at 1:30.

We ate last night at HyVee which is a grocery store that also serves food. I got the senior discount and although I reported it would cost me 11.99, it was only $8.99 plus tax. Most of the food was fried, which was probably not a great idea to have eaten.

We went back to HyVee for breakfast and took off for Winona, unfortunately in the wrong direction and we got to see more of Owantonna then we wanted. This added 2.5 miles to our ride which made it a 91 mile day. Good weather conditions except of course for the building high temperatures and we traveled through the Cities of Chester, Eyota, St. Charles, Lewiston, Stockton (somehow we are back in California after also previously visiting Tracy) where I took a picture of the Riders Pouch (note the sign does say Minnesota at the bottom.) The road conditions were poor but we have been told they are still good compared to the more Eastern states. I included a picture of the shoulder we have been riding on. It sounds like this: pedal, pedal, bump, pedal, bump, pedal, pedal, pedal, bump. We did hit new construction and actually got to ride on a newly constructed shoulder, plus a tailwind. I rode past a roadsign I did not get a picture of which was a snowmobile crossing. This seemed really strange considering it was close to 100 degrees at the time. In case you were interested, we have been on State Rout 14 east for the last two years as we have been traveling from west to east.

The terrain has changed and actually has some interest now, and although there are still plenty of cornfields, it is much more interesting and pleasant to look at as we ride along.

As we rode into Winona I felt an urge to go into some stores and put things in my jersey and walk out without paying. Then I realized that I am a Big Rider, which means in Winona I am a Winona Rider.

We had a near mob scene when one of the riders who was going to help unload the truck decided to take a phone call instead of helping. I think the hot temperatures probably helped spark this one.

I did see a wagon which was loaded with hay bales which had dumped on the road. I got the picture of the wagon, but the guy moving the hay bales out of the road was too fast for me.

After getting to Winona State University we found out the rooms are not air conditioned, so I found an area in the basement which is air conditioned and set up my camp. I then took off to K-Mart to buy a new pillow $3, a mello yello, chips, and a Magnum ice cream bar. When I got back I learned the janitor works in the area I am sleeping so I will have to move to another location.

By the way, we passed the 2000 miles mark today, but nothing on the pavement to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Tomorrow a new state, and I will be looking for snowmobiles.

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  1. The janitor couldn't be bribed with that Magnum or you weren't willing to give up your ice cream?