Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 45, Gettysburg

BEST: Come on, do you think there is anything better than meeting up with your family?

WORST: The bike rider I was riding with crashed on a railroad crossing just before we got to Gettysburg. Nothing broken, just scrapes and contusions, and she continued in to Gettysburg.

MOST UNEXPECTED: This would have been the best for the day, except of course for what the best of the day was, but an alumnus, Tony, cooked us hamburgers and marinated chicken for our lunch stop along with yummy salads. Then he met us in Gettysburg and brought us fruit, toppings, and ice cream.

Today we rode 101 miles! It was a difficult day, but after 41 days, I know it was easier than if we did it earlier on the Big Ride. The first 42 miles had a lot of steep climbs while the last part was more rollers, although some were challenging. The total climbing was not 8500 as previously noted, but only 6600 feet. Weather stayed a non factor at 87 degrees with moderate humidity. The only way the weather did impact us was with the crash. The railroad tracks crossed at a bad angle on the road, and the road had recently been rained on which added to the treachery of the crossing. Bad crossing, Bad crossing. Now that I have scolded it, I believe it will no longer crash bicycles.

The lunch stop was in a beautiful state park and overlooked a small lake. It was also well situated after the major climbing at mile 51, and just before a very nice descent of three miles. This was very important after eating a large lunch. I probably went down 5 mph faster with the extra weight in my tummy. We pass a town called Burned Cabins so named because if you can believe it, some cabins were burned down by the British army. Surprisingly, the cabins are no longer there for viewing, but the grist mill was so I took a picture of it. That's the grist of my story and I am sticking with it.

We finally got to Gettysburg at 3:30 and my family, team BMC, was waiting for me with signs. Very emotional moment! Much hugs and kisses, then a game of catch the plastic coke bottle after I had polished off the contents. Hut 27, blue, hut, hut, go long. I gathered up my clothes from the truck when it finally rolled in 45 minutes later, and we went to a hotel with actual beds with sheets on them. Out to dinner to the Appalachian brewing company for a couple of Dom Blonde beers and crabcakes, then downtown where I finally found maple walnut ice cream. I noticed they had phosphates on the menu, so I ordered a cherry phosphate after the ice cream. Back to the hotel where I think I was asleep after 15 seconds.


  1. Brings back so many memories! Enjoy the Battlefield tour today on your rest day and the two final rides. You've done it! The memories will last a lifetime as will the friendships you have established. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    Edward Dake (BRAA 2005 alumni)

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!