Monday, June 18, 2012

Feckin awesome first day

Seattle, WA to Easton, WA
94 miles

Best: Snoqualmie falls

Worst: riding on I90, it's a feckin freeway (see the picture)

Most unexpected: Liz and I were first into the campground, how can this happen with all of the really fast riders

We left Seattle on a fantastic bike trail and suddenly were outside the was flat for about 50 miles before a slight grade up to Snoqualmie falls. You can see from the picture how full they were flowing. It rained off and on today, but my adrenaline was so high, I felt dry. I only got cold at the rest stops. Part of the route was on I90 which is a freeway so we rode next to huge trucks throwing huge sprays of water (it was raining) and of course it was about 17 miles of uphill. Once we got off the freeway, we got onto a beautiful road which was about 2 lanes wide if the cars were 5 foot wide. The pretty pictures of this portion of the ride follow the lousy freeway shot. Made it into the campground about 3:30, set up tent, took a shower based on popular demand, and now waiting for a dinner cooked my former big ride riders. I suspect I will follow up with details in three days when we have a day off.


  1. What a gorgeous first day! It looks magical with the mist. So excited for you to be starting and so proud of you, Pops!

  2. Beautiful! It does not feel like 94 miles by looking at the photos but I know it was. I am bursting with pride for you and your whole group of riders.

  3. Keep up the good work Uncle Rob. All of the Rings are excited to see what the next adventure brings!!

  4. Good first day Rob! Great pics. Connie and I are on the sidelines cheering you and your mates on.


  5. Rob - recognized so many of your pics! Bummer it has been raining but I suspect pretty soon the cool damp weather of seattle will be something you dream of....... good luck