Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 12 One Quarter of the Big Ride is Done

BEST: The 40 mile downhill with a TAILWIND

WORST: Alarm didn't work and I had 1/2 hour to pack up and get ready for the ride, amazingly I made it on time. Then a wrong turn out of town got us some bonus miles.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Seeing a gang of horses on a small hill planning their next rumble with the cows (see picture)

I ate breakfast at a local coffee shop and I was able to order off the senior menu because I met the minimum age requirement. The first 20 miles were climbing and we did over 2500 feet in this stretch. The best part was the 11 mile climb to the top along a wooded, shady, and overall beautiful stretch of road with a small stream running along the entire section. The Climber Pouch is photographed 20 miles outside of Townsend at the peak. Unfortunately on the climb, my camera setting changed to black and white. It was tough riding for me until around mile 55 when we had some ups and downs until our rest stop at mile 60. Our lunch stop at mile 40 still had cinnamon rolls from yesterday's breakfast and I am happy to report they were still very tasty.

Around mile 60, we had to be shuttled around a road reconstruction project, and when we got put back on the road 5 miles later, we flew down the highway with a 1% downgrade and strong tailwind to our final destination of Harlowton. You can tell there is wind in this area with the multiple wind generators in one of the pictures. At the shuttle spot (which is also our rest stop) I took a picture of some of the riders with a background of trailers which were just all plopped in one spot of the landscape. There was a bar within walking distance, so I suspect it is kept quite busy by the residents.

The ride went from one giant landscape to another throughout the day. Montana is one big State!

Last night we went down to the local cafe, Woods cafe, and I had my first steak in Montanta; a ribeye. We all drank a ton of water and had a Big Sky Orangesicle drink that tasted just like its name.

Tonight we are staying in a church in the basement where at least it is cool. Temperatures were in the 90's today and the actual riding distance was 95 miles. By the way, I have decided there is a Jane on this trip.

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  1. Way to pull a Caitlin with the alarm! It looks like there is plenty of sky in this Big Sky state.