Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 10 Ding Dong.....Avon calling

BEST: Getting to the campground and laying in my hammock listening to Izhtak Perlman.

WORST: Lunches are definately not what you would normally eat for lunch

MOST UNEXPECTED: An actual tailwind

Todays ride was just under a century, 99.6 miles. Conditions were great, cool at the start, with the above mentioned tail wind (not due to eating beans last night). We are still climbing in elevation and are at about 5100 feet.

We ate breakfast at the dorm, and one of the pictures below was my photo assignment which was to take a picture of food which looked worse than it tasted. The food is oatmeal on french toast, and I didn't eat it, but the rider said it was good (it looks disgusting and I should get an A for this assignment). The picture of the giant bull includes the Rider pouch attached to the bike. Other pictures show the support mechanical car known as "blue thunder". Anyone who can identify what the mysterious wood structure is wins a kewpie doll. There were a lot of houses on this stretch of the travel which had fallen into disrepair, and I think we could probably homestead a few of the acreages.

We are in high meadow country with few trees. Once again we are camping next to a railroad line, but the good news is that this campground has some bungalows, so learning from past errors, I did not pitch a tent but threw my sleeping bag on a bed inside.

Back to lunches: We stop at the truck where they have a spread laid our for us which includes bread, peanut and almond butter, jam/jelly, and energy food. There are also some fruits. I do really love peanut butter, but the bread slices are about 2 inches thick, and after trying the sandwich gig, I am now just grabbing a clif bar, something salty like nuts, some juice and shot bloks, and then back on the road. Today we hit the Avon cafe just before we got to the campground, so we stopped in and I had a chocolate malt at around 2:30 which was my lunch. The Avon cafe will be catering our dinner so I asked what it was going to be. Spaghetti (blah) and a wide selection of pies (Yippee, yahoo, whoopie, hooray) I will plan my strategy accordingly and eat a tablespoon of spaghetti, and a whole pie (or two). I like the picture of the lady changing the price inside the Avon diner sitting up on the counter.

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  1. Rob.... Thanks for the blog and the link to other Big Rider's blogs. I did the ride in 2005 and am living vicariously through you all. Tell your friends who are having mutliple flats during one day that there is a great bike shop in Billings, MT (during the rest day) that sells Armadillos. I had 9 flats (2 per day at times) until I got to Billings and bought some Armadillos (or any kevlar lined tire) and I didn't have another flat until Pennsylvania!

    I look forward to following you guys. Ping if you have any questions!

    Big Ride Across America 2005
    Big Ride Pacific Coast 2008
    Arlington, TX