Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 7, Townsend Falls Montana

BEST: Walking down to the lake at Sandpointe and seeing the Statue of Liberty.

WORST: Missing out on Huckleberry Ice Cream because we ran out of time.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Waking up to Odin and Thor who apparently got mad at our location and gave us rain, thunder and lightening at 4:00 a.m.

Last night we rode into Sandpointe for dinner at a local brewpub where I had the lager and a tritip sandwich. Afterwards we went down to the beach which opened up on this humongous Pend Oreile lake. We spent today pedaling around it for over 20 miles. Apparently the lake used to also cover Montana and was 200 miles long caused by a glacier dam. That is your science lesson for today.

Once again the ride went through beautiful country with numerous lakes, high country meadows, mountain peaks, enormous rivers, and a road. Pictures for today include my photo assignment from my daughter which was a potato dressed up as a biker.

The weather was very favorable with wet roads, but no rain while we were riding. Overcast most of the day with a small tailwind made it a nice ride, however my sitbones said they don't give a flying &*$%$# what the conditions are, they just want me off of them. We have a 102 mile ride tomorrow and I look forward to finishing it off and having a day of rest in Missoula. The route we followed for the last two days was Highway 2 yesterday and Highway 200 today. We have pitched our tents in the front of the Sandpointe High School for our sleep, and once again we are close to the railroad tracks so that an irate engineer can blow his stupid whistle at 2,3,and 4 a.m. I have not yet slept through the night, and my never do so because all of the towns we stay in were built because of the railroad, and therefore there is a very active rail line through the City.

We will be riding back to the downtown tonight (the high school is actually out of town) for dinner, and we can view the world famous Townsend falls which are no longer there but have been replaced by a dam's spillway. So really the name of the town should be Townsend spillway. If you really want to know details of the ride, check out the other rider's blogs who actually care about what the write.

We changed time zones so we are now one hour ahead of the west coast, and can tell you the future.


  1. Dearest Father, Here we are sitting in the Lodge here at Camp Blue reading your blog. That was a great interpretation of the potato. Haha. Can't wait to check in with you via Skype soon. I bet your missing Lair food right about now. Maybe...
    Love, KT and Meggie.

  2. Rob: were you pleading with that lady with the crown you were hugging for a sitbone transplant?

    Your blogs are an inspiration . . . keep up the miles, and the sense of humor.

    By the way, did you know there is a site "rob across america" that talks about some guy driving his toyota? I think you got it all over him.

    John Pomidor