Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5 Rest Day, Spokane

I awoke at the awesome hour of 6:00 a.m. on my rest day. Breakfast was at a diner down the street where you sit at a counter with the cook on the other side cooking on a grill. Two eggs, german sausage, hash browns, and a homemade biscuit filled me up and I skipped lunch. It was a bike cleaning day which I skipped because of the forecast for rain tomorrow. I mean, who cleans their car before it rains. My bike was making a bad noise from the bottom bracket area, and so I traveled to the local REI for bike service. We took apart the pedals, pulled the crank, tightened the crank bolts, checked out the cassette to make sure it was secure, put it all back together, and goodbye noise. On the way back we stopped (Liz and Ben) at a thrift store where I bought a t-shirt for 2$ which commemorated the Gonzaga Madonna concert.

It was a good day for recovery with my sitbones being somewhat sore from the last four days, and some soreness in my legs. After yesterdays hard ride, I was pretty tired for a couple of hours, but perked up after a trip to the bar and grill, and the world was right once again. Steve and I will be going out for dinner tonight somewhere, and I will be sharing the world famous Beth chex mix I received today in a care package when the various groups get back from their respective dinners. The tour leaders did say to try to keep our legs somewhat inactive today, and I did this best when we went to see the movie Brave in downtown Spokane (five of us). On the way I saw the worlds largest Red Wagon, but sadly no camera. You can probably do a google search and see it for yourself. Tomorrows forecast is for thunderstorms, which just keeps the adventure alive. The picture is of Ben, a future doctor trying on clothes at the thrift store. Would you want him operating on you?

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  1. I am at a loss for words! Did Ben buy that shirt? Sounds like a rockin excursion for a day off. Are you a want to be ex-Lair staffer?