Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 6 Way to go Idaho

BEST: One of our younger riders decided to follow a rider who was not on our ride. We thought he would end up back in Seattle. It was funny, or maybe you just had to be here.

WORST: Rick had four flats today.

MOST UNEXPECTED: A Rodeo parade in Newport, Washington (right on the Idaho border)

Last night had dinner at Wolfie's diner and had a Burger, fries and chocolate malt. This was a great day for riding. Rained on us for 5 minutes with 10 minutes of sprinkles, but the group just behind us got nailed with 45 minutes of rain. This included lightning and thunder, hence the name thunderstorm. The weather changes so fast around this area that you could get caught in rain for the entire ride while the group 30 minutes ahead may not get a drop on them. Scenery has changed as you can see in the pictures and is very verdant and green. We got to our lunch stop in Newport just before 11:00 and got treated to the yearly rodeo parade complete with Ronald Mcdonald. Each float/car/truck threw candy along the street. We crossed into Idaho and continued to enjoy the spectacular scenery as we followed the Pend Oreille river. We arrived in Sandpoint Idaho at 2:30 and are staying at the West Sandpoint Athletic Club. Dinner will be in town about 1 mile away. In the pictures below try to find the Climbers pouch (Clif family winery Chardonnay) Hint: it is in the town of Newport.

A day of rest makes all the difference in riding, that and no headwind. My gluteus maximus did not yell at me today, and the climbs were pretty gradual. This days ride was similar in profile to the last couple of days, a little
over 2100 feet of climbing each day, but without the headwind, the ride was so much more enjoyable, and the ride time was much shorter. I am looking forward to tomorrow, that is until I have to actually get up, pack up the tent, get on the bike, and ride.

My family is now at the Lair of the Bear at Pinecrest, and so I will not be talking to them except through special arrangements. In the meantime I get to enjoy the fact that my BMC bike actually is the initials of my family's first names so I am actually riding on top of my family. Pretty cool.

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  1. A new state.! They will start getting. He ked off. Beautiful shots today. The one of the liitle girl on the horse is adorable.