Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2, still upright

Easton, WA to Vantage, WA
72 miles
BEST: Long downhill to campground of about 15 miles.

WORST: Getting in trouble for being 8 minutes late on packing the truck.

MOST UNEXPECTED: Passing Ginkgo Petrified wood park, stopping, and seeing the rock trees under cages. Acacia is pictured.

After a very long night (campground is right next to I90 so very noisy) Packed up my very wet tent, ate a bagel which was not very satisfying, and rode out. Scenery was still fabulous, many rivers, log cabins, real live horses and llamas. Best part of the day (aside from what I wrote above) is a fabulous tailwind which made it a very easy ride. Lunch was PB&J, then a gradual climb to the long downhill to the campground. It was a very sudden transition on the ride today from forested landscaped, to high desert, all in about three miles of riding.

My very wet tent from a day and night of raining
The group which rode today together

Steve is changing his tube for the fourth time on this ride, and this pit stop included doing it twice when the first fix flatted in 5 feet.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day of riding. I love the picture of you! I miss that smile.